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Are you superstitious?

By June 11, 2017 What we think, You

Whether I like it or not, I am…. I live with a complete sceptic so I really should know better.  The brain, however, is all powerful, as you know, and this overrides any logic… or maybe it is the UNIVERSE!

I know that most things can be explained away (heavens there is a thriving sceptics society that completely debunks anything that has no logical explanation.

I blame one of my good friends for my level of superstition. I alway laugh when she tells me to do something or other towards warding off something or other – but I do it anyway – just in case.  Here’s one you’ll love…

Put them on Ice!

Not literally ha ha – just their name.  What you do…  write the name of the person who has wronged you, is negative to you or has harmed you, on a small piece of paper (even their first name is enough).  Then I place this in the ice at the back of the freezer.  Others fold it really, really small, then stick it in an ice cube tray, then stick it in the freezer.  My friend even has the name of a policeman who booked her in her freezer!

Who would have thought.

It’s bad enough that my freezer is now filled with names.  As well, it also has names that my daughters have placed deep in the ice.  A bit embarrassing really that I have passed on this piece of knowledge even though there is NO evidence that it works…or is there?  Maybe it should be more embarrassing that I don’t defrost my fridge!

The names I have in there HAS closed the door on people I don’t want to associate with ever again.

Maybe it is because subconsciously I froze them from my life or the universe did it for me, I don’t care.  It works.

So therefore, it is a good superstition.  IF YOU FEEL BETTER THEN IT WORKS!

The brain is all powerful – we believe what we want – whether is is driving ourselves to exercise more of feeling flat and unworthy – we are what we think.