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Can you postpone the ageing process?

By June 5, 2017 Ageing, Exercise, Health

CAN you actually put off (weakness, sore joint 70% of the normal problems of ageing s, bad balance) and eliminate 50% of serious illness and injury?

The answer to this is a resounding YES!  How do I know – because of my latest read ‘Younger next year for women’ and books don’t lie.  

Really though, it’s a book I’m pretty sure you’ll find inspiring.  It will also, if you think like me, be a tad alarmed that if you don’t take note of the message, you will absolutely have a lower quality of life in your seventies and most certainly a crap one in your eighties!   Let’s not even think about your 90’s!

The fact is I don’t want to be using a frame or walking stick or even walking creakily at any age.   You and I need to believe there is an alternative so that we take appropriate action to stop this happening.

The message so far, and I am only into the early chapters, is to exercise! Not a few times a week but 6 days a week!  Sounds excessive I know, but when you read the reasons why you’ll be convinced it has merit.

I’m already motivated enough to do something about it.  This morning I jumped (okay stepped) onto my rebounder and started.  I actually achieved one hour of little jogging. I now feel holier than thou and very smug!  Will I keep it up – you betcha – I AM NOT GOING TO SUCCUMB TO PREVENTABLE AGEING!  Watch this space to see my progress – and PLEASE, do yourself a massive favour and buy this book – I am certain it will keep you young.

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