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Hello France – are you ready for me?

By June 20, 2017 Health

Bonjour!  The only word I know but it’s a start!

In Marseille.  Luggage collected and a wonderful reunion with Christine and meeting her brother Michel, who is lovely and very French.  He speaks as much English as we do French… (so lots of bonjours and side kisses) A brief tour through Marseille then an hours drive north-east to where we are staying. On the property are Christine’s fathers house (with the Australian flag flying for us) and our separate unit a short distance away.

We have a coffee (deliciously French) and Christine runs us through our itinerary for our stay. A village and vineyard a day for our first week is planned.  All I can say is I am so excited… so much to see, do and drink …. hope you’re ready… it’s going to be amazing!

I expected to be able to take a little nap after lunch to recover from the hours of flying… Christine had in mind something completely different…


Time for a beautiful, delectable lunch on an outside table Christine has set up among the vines.  Very French.    Amazing cheeses, salads and of course Champagne… Woooooo – Yes we are definitely in France!













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Can you postpone the ageing process?

By June 5, 2017 Ageing, Exercise, Health

CAN you actually put off (weakness, sore joint 70% of the normal problems of ageing s, bad balance) and eliminate 50% of serious illness and injury?

The answer to this is a resounding YES!  How do I know – because of my latest read ‘Younger next year for women’ and books don’t lie.  

Really though, it’s a book I’m pretty sure you’ll find inspiring.  It will also, if you think like me, be a tad alarmed that if you don’t take note of the message, you will absolutely have a lower quality of life in your seventies and most certainly a crap one in your eighties!   Let’s not even think about your 90’s!

The fact is I don’t want to be using a frame or walking stick or even walking creakily at any age.   You and I need to believe there is an alternative so that we take appropriate action to stop this happening.

The message so far, and I am only into the early chapters, is to exercise! Not a few times a week but 6 days a week!  Sounds excessive I know, but when you read the reasons why you’ll be convinced it has merit.

I’m already motivated enough to do something about it.  This morning I jumped (okay stepped) onto my rebounder and started.  I actually achieved one hour of little jogging. I now feel holier than thou and very smug!  Will I keep it up – you betcha – I AM NOT GOING TO SUCCUMB TO PREVENTABLE AGEING!  Watch this space to see my progress – and PLEASE, do yourself a massive favour and buy this book – I am certain it will keep you young.

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Oops …mini meltdown over garlic bread

By June 3, 2017 Health

You’d think I’d know better now I’m a ‘mature’ 60 year old but last night I reverted to being a petulant teenager.  All over garlic bread!

You see, we had a family dinner for my mother in law’s 85th birthday. Elaine is a wonderful lady, very dignified (unlike me who can, when warranted swear like a trooper).  I was happy to organise the food that we would take to her place (she lives next door with my father in law Jim). The family would then gather there for a beautiful ‘Little house on the prairie’ style evening.  I duly prepared two lasagnes to feed seven people.  My daughter Ashleigh was bringing the salad and garlic bread over and Chelsea my youngest daughter managed to escape bringing anything saying she’d pay me money towards the evening (still waiting).

Everything started well, Ash and partner Mitch arrived and promptly said they wanted to drink and could someone drive them home afterwards.  They live 15 minutes away.   Dummy me, wanting to please (why?) said I’d abstain from the alcohol and be their driver.  I thought a night off the wine was probably a good thing for my health …not mental health though as you will see.

Mistake number one.  I need the alcohol to get in the party mood… especially if I’ve done all the work.  After a very short time where I revelled in their thanks, I realised too late that my soda water just wasn’t going to cut it.

Mistake number two.

Chelsea was arriving from the other side of town a bit late so I went back to our place to wait for her.   Dinner was in Elaine’s oven browning beautifully and all that needed to go in was the garlic bread…which I asked Ashleigh to do.   Chelsea arrived and we joined the others.   THE GARLIC BREAD, HOWEVER, WAS STILL ON THE BENCH!

Such a minor thing but REALLY, how hard is it to do ONE SIMPLE THING!  The excuse,

‘Oh but it didn’t fit with the lasagnes in the oven!’

I opened the oven and placed it next to one of the lasagnes…not rocket science.  Everyone then let me know they thought I was over-reacting and to chill? (Never say that to a cranky woman of any age).

With great effort, I let it go…the lasagne over browned but everyone said they loved it and had a jolly old time.   I enjoyed it but not as I should have.  I then drove Ash and Mitch home.  Sent them a text when I arrived back to say I was home too but they didn’t bother replying. Sigh.

Woke up this morning feeling embarrassed but then thought ‘fuck it – I’m old enough to OWN my hissy fits’.  I’ll never change.  (Sorry about the swearing but sometimes you’ve just got to be firm with yourself).

All is good and I do love my family to bits.  Time for coffee with girl friends that will laugh and say I had every right to be aggrieved. We are always in the right!

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Time to kick butt and turn back the clock!

By June 1, 2017 Health

Now is the time to get yourself moving!  No ands, ifs 0f butts!  You are now at the part of you life where you have to be serious about your health.  There is no BOUNCE back mechanism if you let yourself deteriorate.

Good news is YOU CAN ACTUALLY reach a level of health and fitness that could be better than ten years ago so GET STARTED!

Seriously, there is absolutely no point in living to a grand old age if you are decrepit old hag that can hardly move.  You really don’t want to be that dried up old apple looking hunchback in the nursing home drooling while the nursing staff sing ‘happy birthday to you’ on your 100th before they whisk you away to change your nappy!

100 year old womanI am actually a huge (not literally although I’m cuddly), procrastinator when it comes to taking action. That’s why my journey can be your journey.  If you are like me, and often struggle with belief and motivation then follow my journey and you’ll see I can do it – and YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN… and I want to hear about it!

I am lucky to actually be 60 and LOVING IT for so many reasons.  I DO want to stop the ageing process though (as I’m sure you do) so I can continue to be ‘out there’… and I really don’t want to wee my pants every time I sneeze!

A bit about myself.  I am 60 and my health is pretty good.  I do eat natural foods and no sugars…there is a reason for that that I will divulge at a later date.  At this age, however, I am feeling aches and pains and do not stretch particularly well.  I never was great  – now I am really noticing my inflexibility… the ground is getting further!   What I do know: I HAVE TO TAKE ACTION or I risk being old lady number one – a miserable old git with incontinence (let me be clear here – I don’t actually know if this lady has incontinence – only that she is 100 and looks really unhappy – like she has wet pants).

Very soon I am going to tell you about how to build a better body!

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