60 And Loving It
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Time to kick butt and turn back the clock!

By June 1, 2017 Health

Now is the time to get yourself moving!  No ands, ifs 0f butts!  You are now at the part of you life where you have to be serious about your health.  There is no BOUNCE back mechanism if you let yourself deteriorate.

Good news is YOU CAN ACTUALLY reach a level of health and fitness that could be better than ten years ago so GET STARTED!

Seriously, there is absolutely no point in living to a grand old age if you are decrepit old hag that can hardly move.  You really don’t want to be that dried up old apple looking hunchback in the nursing home drooling while the nursing staff sing ‘happy birthday to you’ on your 100th before they whisk you away to change your nappy!

100 year old womanI am actually a huge (not literally although I’m cuddly), procrastinator when it comes to taking action. That’s why my journey can be your journey.  If you are like me, and often struggle with belief and motivation then follow my journey and you’ll see I can do it – and YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN… and I want to hear about it!

I am lucky to actually be 60 and LOVING IT for so many reasons.  I DO want to stop the ageing process though (as I’m sure you do) so I can continue to be ‘out there’… and I really don’t want to wee my pants every time I sneeze!

A bit about myself.  I am 60 and my health is pretty good.  I do eat natural foods and no sugars…there is a reason for that that I will divulge at a later date.  At this age, however, I am feeling aches and pains and do not stretch particularly well.  I never was great  – now I am really noticing my inflexibility… the ground is getting further!   What I do know: I HAVE TO TAKE ACTION or I risk being old lady number one – a miserable old git with incontinence (let me be clear here – I don’t actually know if this lady has incontinence – only that she is 100 and looks really unhappy – like she has wet pants).

Very soon I am going to tell you about how to build a better body!

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