60 And Loving It

What you might want to know – it’s up to you.

If you’re like most of us ‘boomers’, at some stage or another, you have visited sites that are all positive and gooey (although not necessarily matching your real life).  They offer you fantastic insights and motivations.

Here you can enjoy the same insights but with a slight twist.  Here you’ll be able to discover how you are normal in things such as: hating the gym; finding dieting frustrating and unfair; how you love travelling but hate long flights, economy and irritating people; how your tummy roll is impressive instead of your abs…. the list goes on.  I’m sure there will be something here that triggers an emotion in you.  If not, then perhaps this sight is not for you and the Lorna Jane one is better suited.  I’m envious!

You’ll definitely be spared the platitude of “You are so lucky to have your health and family.”  I hate it when you dare mention you want something and this gets thrown back at you.  REALLY!   What is so damn wrong with wanting to win lotto!  Travel business class!  Have a cleaner AND a gardener (you might – I don’t so it’s on my list)!   Even wishing your kids would organise a family dinner instead of you!  

I apologise if these things are not the things you covet after.  If I am on your wavelength though, please enjoy.  

Remember, its the weird ones that have more fun!